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Embrace the slow

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    Quenten Griffith

Running slow


Today is day 2 of 5 of half-marathon training. The training plan called for a easy run between 70% and 80% for a short 45 mins. Usually in this time frame I can run darn near a 10k. Today I didn't get any where close to that. Running slow has so many benefits. it is where you strengthing your bones, and muscles, you avoid energy, and your blood learns to proccess the oxygen needed to maintain a run. Running slow does indeed help you run fast. Lots of professionals use the 80/20 plan. Running easy 80% of the time and hard 20%. This allows them to train more, increase mileage while reducing fatigue and chance of injury. With all that said it is still very hard to run slow when your body wants to take off. During todays run my mind kept thinking 'this is too easy, you are not really doing anything, is this worth your time, people are passing you and judging you' I had to keep saying shut-up mind this is worth it. Thankfully my Garmin watch yells at me anytime I went over the prescribed threshold and kept me in check.

Running long-term

I usually only run 3-4 days average, running two days and taking a day off before the next set. This new plan has me running 5 days a week with four days back to back. In order to keep this up for the next 14 weeks I need to make sure I stick to the plan, including running slow and easy on recovery run days. Last year when I trained for a half, I went to hard to fast and over trained. I was running a half or over that distance at least once a week every week for 2 months. The plan I was following was pace based and had me almost empting the tank with every run, leaving me fatigued. There is an old saying that what doesn't challenge you doesn't change you.. I do agree with this, however if you challenge yourself all the time you may find the change to be having the reverse effect. Towards the end of my training program last year, my pace dropped drastically. I was finding I had to take walk breaks even on shorter easier runs. I over trained and under ate. I had to take a break. Thankfully the only injury was to my pride. This time I am going to be a lot smarter, embrace the easy days, get rest and keep up my nutrition. Looking forward to tomorrows run which is a repeate of today!