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Four Days in a Row

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    Quenten Griffith

The struggle is real

Today has been the fourth day in a row I have ran. The most ever being three days in a row previously. I usually do 2 on, one off with a total of four runs in a week. Today was a challenge to get out of bed. Mileage wise I am still under what I normally run. Physically I feel fine, I think it was more of a mental struggle. To have to get up early and rush out the door to get the miles in. Having a break every two days is something I got used to and it let me mentally break up the week into segments. Once I got out there though I started to warm up and was ready to go. It was only a 45 min run with less than four mins of it being a challenge. I hit two records today though. The first being the fastest I ever ran, beating my old record by 3mph.


It was only for ten seconds but, it felt great to give it my all during those ten seconds. I also finally am 100% heat acclimated. Meaning my body has adjusted to running in this swamp weather of 100% humidity and 75+ degrees at 5am. Just in time for Fall to start.....


For tomorrow though I finally get to sleep in and rest, to then finish the first week of training on Saturday with a long 1hr run.